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Ridership continues to Increase for Baylinc:
Baldwin-Mobile Bus Route

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The Baldwin County Public Transit Coalition (PTC)
is a non-profit grassroots citizens’ advocacy group that promotes development of mass transit capabilities. It works in cooperation with the County Commission, the municipalities, businesses, health care and social service agencies, transportation providers, and the general public to raise awareness of mass transit as a means of stimulating economic growth and improving quality of life for those in Baldwin County. As a member of Envision Coastal Alabama, the PTC is a major participant in regional dialog and other activities that promote understanding and support of public transit development.

A published study by the South Alabama Regional Planning Commission shows that at least 27% of county residents have a significant need for increased mobility through public transit. National studies reveal that a dollar invested in public transit yields three dollars in increased retail sales. Further, transit saves individual travel costs and promotes fuller employment, decreasing welfare costs and increasing tax revenues. An active transit system also eases traffic congestion and accident rates, improves air quality, and reduces energy consumption. Transit is important to evacuation plans, particularly in meeting needs to convey non-drivers to shelters. Inadequate public transit is regarded by Envision Coastal Alabama as the area’s most important deficiency in public facilities.

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